Evelyn Pollock retired early to Horseshoe Valley to pursue her life-long passion for painting and writing. As an artist she is recognized by the local arts community and is involved in organizing arts and culture events.

She is a past chair and an active member of the Orillia Fine Arts Association, a group of talented and inspiring local artists. She exhibits and sells her paintings, holds painting workshops in her country studio, and amuses herself by attending art workshops and writing retreats, and by writing long and short stories – slices of life. Her representational paintings also reflect slices of her life. Many of her paintings can be viewed in her art book, "Season's...Art by Evelyn N. Pollock" - available at the following link www.lulu.com/spotlight/Evelyn378

As a writer, Evelyn has authored many business-related manuals, books and articles. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies and she is an active member of several writers' groups. Recently she co-authored a non-fiction book, and she is working on a second book.

"At times, I feel compelled to paint or write. A scene lodges in my mind and haunts me until I put it on paper or canvas. On occasion, emotions or colours inspire me to begin a painting or story. Sometimes, something silly – like the lost socks in my laundry machine– inspires me. Whatever it is that drives me to produce art or write, also provides me with a sense of accomplishment and closure when a picture or short story is complete. Of course, it is always wonderful when someone else connects with the results of my imagination."

"Life is good and genetics indicate that I may have many more years of creative living ahead. For this reason, I have started this website in order to connect with other artists and writers, as well as with those interested in art and writing."

Prior to her early retirement, Evelyn Pollock had successful careers, first as a teacher, then as an elected School Board Trustee and Chair of the City of York Board of Education. This was followed by many years as a management consultant specializing in human rights advocacy, training and mediation. (For fifteen of those years she was president of her own company, Pollock Consulting Ltd.)

Today her business cards read "Artist and Writer"!